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Social Studies- SIx Weeks

1st Six Weeks – Social Studies

During these first six weeks, we will set up our journal and learn the value of keeping an up-to-date journal.  We will spend most of this time on geography, and different types of maps and landscapes.  We will also be breaking down the locations of the continents, states of the United States, and learning each states capital.

2nd Six Weeks – Social Studies

In the second six weeks, we will begin learning how North America was founded and colonized.  We will also discover the kind of unrest and rebellion that took place while soldiers fought for the nation’s independence.  Rounding out this six weeks, we will begin learning about the founding of the United States.

3rd Six Weeks – Social Studies

The third six weeks we will move into how America became to have an identity: becoming the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Westward expansion began happening as well.  Who moved westward?  We will find out during this six weeks!

4th Six Weeks – Social Studies

Civil unrest begins to happen during this six weeks.  We will explore the Civil War; who was fighting, what were they fighting for, and who were they fighting for?  After the Civil War ended, America started to transition into a “Modern America”.  We will find out how!

5th Six Weeks – Social Studies

There were many events that led to the United State becoming a world power.  In the fifth six weeks, we will discover how this happened.  With power comes responsibility; so, we will look at how the the different branches of government tried to help create a  more perfect union.

6th Six Weeks – Social Studies

The last six weeks will be used to look at the United States and how it is today. Discussing all the changes that happened over time from the beginning to current year.  We will also take a close look at each president from George Washington to Donald Trump.


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