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Welcome to Mrs. Biddle's Math Classroom 


1st Six Weeks Expectations

We will be very busy during our first six weeks of the 2018-2019 school year! During this time we will be extending our knowledge of whole numbers and decimal numbers, we will utilize algebraic reasoning in many of our lessons, & we will begin creating our Math Journals and make numerous entries  this six weeks that will result in an exciting body of work showcasing all of the knowledge we will gain this year!

2nd  Six Weeks Expectations

Our second six weeks will be even busier than our first! We will be working on concepts such as Multiplying & Dividing Whole Numbers. We will utilize many strategies to Multiply & Divide Decimals. We will continue to add both useful & creative entries to our Math Journals that are integrated with our Mentoring Minds lessons.

3rd  Six Weeks Expectations

Our third six weeks will have us continuing to work on Multiplying & Dividing Decimals and moving on to Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators! These concepts allow for us to create fun Math Journal entries to expand our knowledge & cement our learning about Multiples, Least Common Multiples, and Factoring Numbers.  These are essential skills to have to be successful this six weeks! We will also continue to progress through Imagine Math lessons utilizing our Chromebooks!

4th Six Weeks Expectations

In our fourth six weeks we will be Adding & Subtracting Fractions and Decimals, learning about Prime & Composite Numbers, Use Equations to Solve Problems with Whole Numbers, and we will be Generating & Graphing Numerical Patterns. We will also study Order of Operations (GEMDAS) and how to work with problems that contain parenthesis and brackets. We will also Solve Problems with Area, Perimeter, & Volume and work to Classify 2-Dimensional Figures in a Hierarchy.  As always, we will have several neat journal entries to make and continue to utilize our Chromebooks to enhance our 5th Grade Math Journey!

5th  Six Weeks Expectations

Our fifth six weeks will find us working with Customary and Metric Conversions, practicing a bit more with points on Coordinate Planes, and working with Representing Data on Bar Graphs, Frequency Tables, Dot Plots, Scatterplots, and Stem and Leaf Plots as well. We will wrap up with lessons regarding Financial Literacy and prepare for our big STAAR review in preparation for our first administration of the 5th Grade STAAR Math Test in April.  We will continue making great strides in Imagine Math utilizing our Chromebooks. Our Math Journals are also going to receive some useful new entries as well!

6th Six Weeks Expectations

We will make it! Our sixth six weeks will find us showing what we’ve learned by taking our STAAR Math Test. While we wait for results, we will get to work in our Math Journals completing entries and building our glossary. We will also work diligently to keep all of our 5th Grade skills sharp utilizing our Go Math books and the spiraling reviews in it. As we draw closer to the close of our year, we may even throw in some 6th Grade Math skills so we can be as prepared as possible for next year!



Please note that information on this webpage is subject to change without notice.