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Mrs. Krapf's Expectations

Mrs. Krapf’s Expectations


Daily Assignments/Homework:

Each assignment/activity will be written on the board for the student to write in their agenda each Monday for the week.  Students are always given time to work on assignments during class.  Many of the daily assignments can be completed within the time provided if the student uses his or her time wisely.  However, unfinished assignments then become homework and will be due the following day at the beginning of the class period.  If it is not turned in by then, it will be considered as late.  I encourage you to check your student’s agenda/backpack every day.  This will help you keep track of what assignments the student may have and what we are doing in class.  I will use the Remind app to communicate important information such as homework for the day. You can also communicate with me through Remind.


If a student turns in an assignment late, the deduction will be 10 points. Late work is accepted throughout the grading period it was assigned.  I will allow students to make corrections for a 70% if the score is below this on a test.  It is the student's responsibility to talk to me if they wish to make corrections on a daily assignment for a better grade, tests I will talk to the student directly as they are required to make the corrections.  The students will be made well aware if they have missing work, as there is a place on the board where their name remains with the name of the missing assignment until it is turned in.  Parent portal is also a great tool to monitor student’s grades and look for any missing assignments.


I will NOT assign homework over new material without discussing it in class.  For this reason, students should be able to complete their homework INDEPENDENTLY.  If a student has a question regarding the assignment, I encourage them to star the question and come see me before school, they can also email or message me through Remind.  *I know that special circumstances or sickness can occasionally prevent your child from completing assignments.  Please send a note or contact me if necessary.  My goal is to create responsible students, NOT to put stress on families in times of crisis.  If your child is absent, you may call and request assignments be taken to the office or I will have all materials ready for them when they return.  They have one day per each day absent for make up work.


Behavior Expectation: 

In order for all students to learn they must have the opportunity to work with their peers and teachers in an organized and controlled environment.  The rules for the classroom are simple: 1. Come to class prepared and ready to learn. 2. Listen to and follow directions quietly and quickly, 3. Raise your hand for permission to speak or leave your seat, 4. Make good choices, 5. Respect your classmates, your teacher, yourself, and your school and 6. Always put forth your best effort.  Penalties for failing to meet these expectations will be applied fairly, but consistently. 

**I do not tolerate cheating or bullying.  This offense will get an automatic parent/guardian contact and possibly office referral.***  If a student is caught cheating that is an automatic ZERO for the assignment .



As responsible individuals, students must also realize that their actions, which affect themselves and others, have consequences.  The consequences for breaking a rule may include: a warning, loss of privileges,  parent/guardian contact, removal from classroom and office/or referral. 


It’s okay to not know, but it is never okay to not try!