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Six Weeks at A Glance - Science

1st Six Weeks – Science

During these first six weeks, we will set up our journal and learn the importants of keeping an up-to-date journal.  A few days will be spent on lab safety and come to understand why we should use precautions while in a science lab, the different tools and equipment and how to use them properly.  We will round out the remaining portion with the physical properties of matter.

2nd Six Weeks – Science

In the second six weeks, we will explore forces and motion along with energy forms and functions.  We will learn how forces interact with objects to produce motion.  The students will learn how motion can be observed, measured and described.  Do you know how energy occurs?  You student will be able to tell you along with how to observe it in cycles, patterns and systems.

3rd Six Weeks – Science

The third six weeks we will move into more of the geology of science.  We will study the Earth’s changes and alternative energy resources.  With the Earth’s surface constantly changing, we will learn how fossils help us understand the Earth’s history.  We will round out this six weeks with studying natural resources and how they essential to life and how to help preserve them.

4th Six Weeks – Science

These six weeks will be full of information regarding the weather, sun, Earth, moon and Ecosystems.  We will learn the difference between weather and climate and create a water cycle poster.  The Earth, sun, and moon have distinct characteristics and form a system in space with recognizable patterns.  We will discuss those patterns and learn the phases of the moon.  Have you ever heard the phrase “Circle of life”?  We will figure out exactly what that means as we look at living things and how they act in the ecosystem.

5th Six Weeks – Science

In the fifth six weeks, we will discover heredity, adaptations, life cycles, inherited traits, and learned behavior.  We look look at how to classify living things and what characteristics are passed on to the offspring.  

6th Six Weeks – Science

The last six weeks will be used to design solutions.  We will learn what the difference between a mixture and solution is, how to put them together and how to seperate them.  We will also utilize this time to reveiw and prepare for the STAAR Test.


*Note: Any information provided is subject to change (without notification)*