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Gladys Crawford

I am Gladys Crawford and I  teach 4th & 5th & 6th grade Resource. 


I teach Math, Language Arts, Reading, Science and Social Studies


My 1st Grading  Period Expectations Are:

  1. Basic. Reading Skills, sight words, high frequency words, Job work words, Food words, homophones, AR books, rhyming words
  2. Double digit Multiplication, 4 digit addition and subtraction, place value, single digit addition, subtraction and multiplication, money-counting, money worksheets, math number words to numbers 1-100, charts, words problems
  3. Spelling words, spelling tests, write sentences using correct Capitalization and punctuation, write short stories about topic teacher assigns, prefixes and suffixes, root words, Dictionary skills, Sentences that are incomplete.
  4. Experiments for Science
  5. The Trail of Tears-we will discuss the trail of tears and maps showing the trail and who was President at the time and the tribes involved,Chistopher Columbus and when he discovered America,  Grand Canyon, Badlands


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