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Shannon Anderson

 Mrs. Anderson's 5th Grade

Reading and Social Studies​


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Accelerated Reader Classroom Goals (See my Homework Guideline page for more information)

1st Six Weeks - 2 points 

2nd and 3rd Six weeks - 5 points

4th, 5th, and 6th Six weeks - 6 points


1st Grading Period Units of Study


Narrative Nonfiction – Point of View, Cause & Effect, Homographs, Personal Narrative

Realistic Fiction – Plot, Sequence, Context Clues, Text Structure 

Argumentative Text – Greek and Latin Prefixes, Headings and Graphs, Author’s Point of View, Authors Purpose, Text Connections


Social Studies

The Age of Discovery – causes and effects of European exploration and colonization

Early American Settlements – Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth, early government in the colonies

Comparing the Colonies – compare New England, Middle and Southern colonies, Roger Wiliams, Anne Hutchinson

Tension in the Colonies – causes and effects of the French and Indian War

Independence – conflicts and events leading up the American independence, Samuel Adams, George Washington






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Shannon Anderson

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